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~ 7

Bicycle (Fixie) Icon Font sneak peek from Hungarumlaut.

I used an OpenType feature, to create the complete bike from different parts.
You can select different wheels, frames and accessories, color them, and than make the bike from these elements only with one click.

More information coming soon!

Whiteline Ski and Snowboard magazine was set by Westeinde Caption!
Art director: Peter Szalay.

The magazine is available at the main ski- snowboard- and outdoor shops in Hungary.

Check out the new responsive Hungarumlaut website! 

The website was designed and programmed by Adam Katyi in TextMate, with Bootstrap front-end framework. Typeface: Westeinde Caption Light.

Infinity space icons free download from the new hungarumlaut website!

The Westeinde story
@ Hungarian Design Week Opening Exhibition: Crossovers

My final project at Type Media is online! http://www.hungarumlaut.com/typefaces/westeinde.html

Ready for the TypeMedia presentation tomorrow

Ready for the TypeMedia presentation tomorrow

Final Project Presentation 4.

Masters’ Battle; Details; Digital Offset Printing; 2 weeks, before 2 weeks.

Workspace picture for the graduation book.

Workspace picture for the graduation book.

Yesterday we ha the 3rd presentation about our final project. Check more slides.

Specimens are ready for the 3rd presentation